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Adapt, Improvise, Overcome – Augment Power Automate Connectors with Graph API

Status: Accepted

When working with Power Automate the Office 365 connectors provide an easy way to interact with the various services. But what do you do when there is data, an attachment, or any kind of additional information that you would like to retrieve, that is not supported? You could raise an issue to have the Connector improve, which is a great idea. But there is an alternative that will give you access to that data now: The Microsoft Graph API. In this session we will dive into practical examples of how you can integrate and automate even more by combining the best of Power Automate and the Microsoft Graph API. From creating your first Graph API enhanced flow, including what needs to be configured in Azure, to building out an advanced workflow where all data in Office 365 is at your fingertips.

Technical Level: 300

Presented By: Jaap Brasser

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