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Dynamics 365 CE and Dynamics Portals UI Testing with D365-UI-Test

Status: Accepted

In this session I want to show how to get started with UI Testing in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Dynamics Portals with a new library that I created: D365-UI-Test. It’s a modern new framework, using Microsoft’s own latest browser driver “playwright” and written completely in TypeScript. The goal of D365-UI-Test is to provide an easily accessible, fast to get started and robust platform for writing UI tests in D365 CE and Dynamics Portals. I’m not too sure on the scope, whether a presentation where I run everything at my side or a workshop where the audience can set up the tool on their side would be a better fit for the session, so advice from your side would be great. The project is open source and available here:

Technical Level: 300

Presented By: Florian Krönert

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