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Hybrid Integrations: bring the best of both worlds

Status: Submitted

We live in the age of fast digital transformation. Different emerging services appear extremely fast (on-premises, cloud-based, IoT, etc.) resulting in a more heterogeneous IT architecture. A company can rarely choose only one direction, e.g., totally move to the cloud or retain 100% on-premises. Even addressing a cloud strategy, it is not always possible to migrate everything from one day to the next or at the intended pace. However, when we have this heterogeneous landscape composed of different legacy and modern systems, tools, vendors, and technologies, a major problem may arise: how can we put all of these systems and tools to interact with each other to create the concept of a single production system. Hence, the strategy of hybrid integration appeared. This session some of these scenarios and how we can archive amazing hybrid integrations.

Technical Level: 300

Presented By: Sandro Pereira

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