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Mastering your DAX skills: deep dive into evaluation context

Status: Accepted

Concepts of Row and Filter context as well as Context Transition are the basis of any efficient DAX measure! However, there are surprisingly many people who obtain a desired result without a clear understanding what has happened. This session aims to cover this gap and show in details how evaluation in DAX is working and what exactly is being evaluated at every step of a calculation. We’ll cover different cases from the use of Calculate() function with variables to the nested Calculate() and variables within iterative functions (like SUMX, etc.). I’m a citizen developer with 3+ years of practical experience of using Power BI on daily basis (working in Supply Chain area). In addition, for already 1,5 years I provide consultancy to clients on Upwork freelance platform. Last year I’ve successfully passed Microsoft exam PL-300 “Power BI Data Analyst Associate”. P.S. I’m organizing a series of online training on Power BI to support Ukraine, feel free to join to see me in action :) I also would be very grateful for sharing this information with your friends and colleagues. Visit my LinkedIn profile for details. Thank you!

Technical Level: 200

Presented By: Sergii Zelenko

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