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Power BI Performance – 7 deadly sins!

Status: Accepted

Congratulations! You’ve built your shiny fancy Power BI report and your charts look terrific. But, your data refresh takes forever…Or, your report is utterly slow when interacting with visuals…You switch to DirectQuery mode to make things better, just to discover that the report performance sucks even more… And, if you feel lost, I don’t blame you – I’ve also been there! That’s why this session is for you: we will examine potential bottlenecks in your Power BI report – starting with defining the best practices for data model size optimization, understanding the importance of query folding feature, all the way to identifying culprits for your slow report rendering. We will wrap it up with learning when and why (not) to use DirectQuery mode, and how to apply improvements on the data source side to make things faster in the Power BI.

Technical Level: 300

Presented By: Nikola Ilic

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