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Testing Plugins Locally And Against The Server

Status: Submitted

Automated Testing of Dataverse Plugins and Workflows efficiently and effectively presents a real challenge for anyone new to Dataverse development, or new to automated testing in general. XrmUnitTest, an open source Dataverse C# testing framework, exists to help remove the barriers/costs of developing Dataverse automated tests that favor “Convention over Configuration”. It allows the same tests to be run either in an entirely in-memory manner using Xrm fakes or to connect to a Dataverse instance to run integration tests/troubleshoot, logging and timing all interactions with Dataverse automatically. This session will cover how to use XrmUnitTest to create environment agnostic tests, that create and clean up the required data for the tests. It will walk through how to deal with defining global entities that are assumed to exist, how to use EntityBuilders to define/extend default values for all entities, and how to handle many advanced testing scenarios, mostly via live demos.

Technical Level: 400

Presented By: ▪️ Daryl LaBar

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