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Tips for Automating Processes with Power Automate

A demo of streamlining help desk used in financial services using Power Automate and Teams Planner provided simplified workflows and provided transparency into the inner workings of various support processes. We are going to discuss a recent implementation for a financial services client.

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Case Study: Automating Help Desk in Financial Services with Teams and Power Platform

Help desk workflows in financial services is a far more complex service in some financial services and handled over emails. Streamlining this using Power Automate and Teams Planner provided simplified workflows and provided transparency into the inner workings of various support processes. We are going to discuss a recent implementation for one of our financial services clients.

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Power Automate Approvals Deep Dive

Power Automate approvals is a powerful functionality allowing business processes designers to easily assign a task to anyone in the organization and then design process based on the outcomes. Assuming that assigned person will complete a task is bad and can easily lead to failing processes. The built-in options, that allow tasks management only by their owners is usually not always sufficient. If you ever found yourself in a situation, where task wasn’t completed because assignee wasn’t able to do it, join me during this session to learn about possible approaches for managing tasks. During this session you will learn: * What is the tasks architecture at a Microsoft Dataverse level * What built-in functions technology have * How to design and build workflows, that allow automation around tasks, eg. substitutions, reassignments, approvals on behalf, completion of approvals when specific amount of responses is met etc.. Stuck task assignments is a bottleneck in every process. Workflows can’t proceed because they are waiting for that one last approval. Start using 100% of what approvals in Power Automate have to offer.

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Build your first Independent Publisher Connector

Microsoft has announced the Independent Publisher Connector program in July 2021 and since then a lot of new connectors were published through this program. What is an Independent Publisher Connector? How does it work to consume one? And how do you build one? In this session, Daniel will take you step by step through all the steps to build and publish an Independent Publisher Connector, and who knows… maybe you will be the next publisher that will have your own connector added to the Power Platform products!

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Building Project Operations PoCs with Power Automate

The Project Operations data model is difficult. While a ProjOps consultant should know its data model well, a developer working on a plethora of different D365 1st apps might not know how the ProjOps data model works and what the do’s and don’ts are. Functional consultants can leverage Power Automate to build PoCs for more complex customizations in ways that weren’t possible not long ago. This session will walk you through three PoC scenarios that leverage Power Automate, and it will leave you with knowledge of important considerations on what kinds of scenarios should only be conceptualized with Power Automate, and what should be done in code. How: How to build complex PoCs in Project Operations with Power Automate. What: Theory on important considerations around the event framework and the schedule APIs, as well as in building complex logic with Power Automate. Demo of three different PoC scenarios. Why: Create value as a functional consultant and implement PoCs that don’t depend on code. Learn about the pitfalls of the Project schedule APIs and the importance of transactional consistency.

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Power Automate for a hacker point of view, attacks, and prevention.

Nino spent the last six months focused on finding the most dangerous vulnerabilities and attack strategies against Microsoft Azure Technologies and Power Apps. In this unique 100% practical security session Nino will show the very dark side of advanced hacking techniques, and showing real unedited attacks to Power Automate, Azure Functions, App Services, and more. Nino will also discuss fascinating points about some vulnerabilities he sees in cloud architecture, and he will provide his point of view to prevent this type of attack. It is a session for people to understand how hackers operate and how to protect from these very dangerous and effective attacks against Azure technologies.