[ April 11, 2021 by Narayan Solanki 0 Comments ]

Getting Certified in Business Central

Narayan Solanki is a Microsoft Certified Trainer who will be sharing his experience of getting certified and passing the Microsoft Business Central Exam , sharing his tips to help you on your journey to become a certified Business Central Consultant.

[ March 29, 2021 by Tharanga Chandrasekara 0 Comments ]

Automation APIs for Partners – Business Central Bootcamp

Business Central Automation APIs provide the capability for automating company setup through APIs. Once the tenants have been provisioned, the automation APIs can be used, in order to hydrate the tenant – to bring the tenant up to the desired state. Usually, this involves creating a new company on the tenant, running RapidStart packages, installing extensions, adding users to user groups, and assigning permission sets to users. Using these APIs during the implementation can save hours of work for the partners. In this session, Tharanga Chandrasekara (Business Solutions MVP) will take you through Automation APIs and discuss how partners can use them during the Business Central implementations.

[ March 25, 2021 by Dustin Domerese 0 Comments ]

Delete Your Integrations! Patterns for system integration beyond data movement

Stop building new integrations! Developing new data integration is not always the right architecture to solve a business problem. The more data being synchronized the more problems can be introduced. The right solution for how to solve a business problem is not always easy to see. It seems like there can be ten ways to solve every integration need. In this session, we will discuss the pros and cons of various integration patterns and help you navigate through the methods to determine the right solution. We will look at Business Central and CE integration examples of using PowerBI, SSRS, Web Resources, Power Automate, and Azure as integration patterns to follow.

[ March 25, 2021 by Mary Thompson 0 Comments ]

Business Central Community Round Table

We are excited to host the first Business Central Community Forum and Round Table, This hour of the event will allow attendees to discuss and share their challenges and experiences on Business Central Implementation and adoption with Microsoft community experts. The Round Table is open to Accountants, Users, Technology Consultants, Partners and Developers. If you would like to be a featured panelist on the round table please feel free to email dynamics365@powercommunity.com and play your position in the Global Business Central Community!

[ March 21, 2021 by Teddy Herryanto 0 Comments ]

“Don’t Make Me Think” – A Design Guide on UX for BC

ERP is a very complex system and sometimes it can overwhelm the users as they are experiencing the system. As a developer/consultant, how we design the system can either make or break the experience. In this session, I will bring you on a journey to think more about user experience (UX) and how we can implement it on BC with a goal to “not make the users think”.

[ March 19, 2021 by Harry Jones 0 Comments ]

Business Central Report Changes for beginners

Running through all things report changes within Business Central. You dont have to be a developer to make formatting changes and change a layout to what you want it to be. Will be covering: – How to create a custom layout – Running through formatting a layout – Changing logo’s – What are expressions? – Assigning a report to a customer/vendor

[ March 19, 2021 by Molly Speer 0 Comments ]

Reconciling Bank Accounts

Utilizing the Payment Reconciliation Journal and discussing different options to reconcile your bank account at month end.

[ March 19, 2021 by Jasmin von Gynz-Guethle 0 Comments ]

BC Inventory 101

Managing your operations and inventory in a system fundamentally set up to ensure the finance side of things is kept straight can be daunting. This session will focus on showing the “operations guys/gals” on how to work within BC to manage your inventory as simply as possible. It will include a deep dive on the inventory card, best practices, and tips and tricks.

[ March 19, 2021 by Steve Brooks 0 Comments ]

Keep your implementation or upgrade simple: use ‘Minimum Viable Product’ for project success!

If you’re moving to Business Central for the first time, either by yourself or with a partner, you probably know how much potential the system has. And while that’s fantastic news (especially if you’re moving from a less capable system) it can also be a little daunting. Questions come up like: How do we define all our requirements? How do we know what we need before we’ve used the system? What if we miss something!? Join me in this session where we’ll pitch an alternative approach: Minimum Viable Product. We’ll talk through keeping your implementation as simple as possible. I’ll cover how to do this, along with some useful tips to help you do it too. We’ll go through what you should expect from your partner and what to expect you’ll need to do yourselves too. The aim for this session is for you to come away feeling comfortable about your new system and your upcoming project(s). We will keep things pretty simple, so there is no need for Business Central knowledge. It will be useful for those on NAV moving to BC, or those coming from another system entirely.

[ March 16, 2021 by Craig Barberini 0 Comments ]

Importing Transactions into Business Central

There is always a need to import transactions into Business Central when switching from a different ERP solution. Often the requirement to import transactions extends past the initial go-live as there may be files that you receive from other systems (e.g. payroll) or other institutions (e.g. credit card statements or expenses). This session will take you through both standard and non-standard methods of importing transactional data into Business Central. We will use configuration packages, which are available out of the box as well as the Excel Importer extension from AppSource to handle more complex scenarios.