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Customer service customization

Customization dynamics 365 customer service

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Are You Afraid of Managed Solutions?

Are You Afraid of Managed Solutions? Tom Northrup from Dynamic Consultants Group will deliver a deep dive into managed solutions and best practices for application lifecycle management when working with managed solutions. 

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Digital Data Transformation for Nonprofits

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged nonprofits and NGOs to adapt their operations and their services like never before. This session will discuss the digital transformation needs of nonprofits, the challenges that they face in making the most of their data, and how the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit can accelerate nonprofit mission impact. We will cover the Nonprofit Common Data Model, the Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator, and how Dataverse and Azure empower nonprofits, partners, and ISVs to better serve the world’s most vulnerable populations. Alex Kasavin is a senior product manager on the Tech for Social Impact team at Microsoft.

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Digital Transformation with Dataverse for Teams

Srikumar Nair is principal GPM on Microsoft Dataverse team and author of a new book “Digital Transformation with Dataverse for Teams”, which was published earlier this month. He will be speaking about how digital transformation is a necessity and how Microsoft is democratizing digital transformation (app building, automations etc.) with Power Platform. The Power of Power Platform is now available to all information workers, through Dataverse for Teams, which can be used with just Microsoft 365 (Office 365) license. Besides giving a  demo on Dataverse for Teams, he will also be giving a quick tour of his book, and answer any questions that you might have about Power Platform.

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Delete your integrations! Patterns for system integration beyond movement

Stop building new integrations! Developing new data integration is not always the right architecture to solve a business problem. The more data being synchronized the more problems can be introduced. The right solution for how to solve a business problem is not always easy to see. It seems like there can be ten ways to solve every integration need. In this session, Dustin will discuss the pros and cons of various integration patterns and help you navigate through the methods to determine the right solution. We will look at integration examples of using Power BI, SSRS, Web Resources, Power Automate, and Azure as integration patterns to follow.

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Build your own Dataverse data model – understand data types and relationship

Build you applications on a strong foundation. Know the building blocks that are available as different data types and relationships as part of Dataverse to build a solid data model. By the end of this session, you have achieved an understanding about different data types available in data verse like Lookup, columns, Date, Currency, Choice or Rollup and Calculated fields. In addition, we will have a closer look on the different available relationships and how you can customize these by adding and enhancing mappings, rename relationships and understand relationship behavior. Finally, we will display the data model by building a Model Driven App.

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Let’s automate all your D365 and M365 documents – with Dataverse, PowerAutomate, Power Apps & dox42!

Real life business processes require the generation of documents like quotes, reports, contracts, emails, etc… Use dox42 to automatically generate these documents with data from all sources by simply clicking a button directly in your Dynamics 365 applications, in a Power App or by letting a Flow do all the work for you! What you will see in this session: • Easily design complex documents in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint with tables, conditions, barcodes, charts, images, etc. • Generate these documents where you need them: directly in Dynamics 365 CE, FO, BC, Power Automate, PowerApps, SharePoint, and many more. • Combine data sources: Dataverse, SharePoint, D365 CE, FO & BC, Web Services, SQL and many more. • Maintain templates and modular text blocks in Microsoft 365 / SharePoint & Teams or Dataverse • How to set up your Dataverse document generation in Power Apps and Flows. Your result will be a business user friendly document automation process that can be efficient, enjoyable, and productive at the same time. The session will be brought to you by dox42 Senior Technical Evangelist Lisa Pulsinger and dox42 Business Technology Evangelist Norina Vogelsinger.

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Dataverse Entities of Project Operations Lite

Presenting a birds-eye view of the common entities for Project Operations Lite!

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Bringing Power BI into the Dataverse (and bringing Dataverse into Power BI)

Most Dataverse implementations, whether they be Power Apps or Dynamics 365 CE on the front-end, contain amazingly valuable data for the end-users and for the organizations’ leadership. Additionally, most Dataverse-based apps would benefit from additional data to enrich the ‘360-degree’ view of an entity. Learn the surprising options and best practices (and potential pitfalls) of connecting Power BI with Dataverse.

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Getting started with Dataverse – first steps to have your own trial or developer environment and start learning and experimenting

So you followed the Dataverse Summit and took away all the great impressions from the sessions. But now you want to get started, test and try some of the things in your own environment, maybe in a trial or developer instance. The question is – where do you start? How do you get your own trial tenant or developer environment? After this session you will know where to create your own environment, test integration with other O365 services, configure basic environment settings and where and how to start customizing in Dataverse in the modern or classic editor.