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The art of building serious business relationships

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Let’s start a little revolution and shift our attention to the relationship and experience outcomes technology supports. While technology enablement is an essential component of business, we must understand how business and technology outcomes go hand-in-hand. JC speaks frankly about the important strategic conversations stakeholders need to have to get customer experience, and the technology that powers it, right. An exploration of the critical dialogue business and technology stakeholders must have to make technology adoption successful.

JC Quintana is on a mission to help companies build stronger business relationships. He is an internationally recognized business relationship psychology researcher, speaker, and author. He believes that technology helps us make relationship development and customer experiences more effective, easier, and enjoyable. JC has spent a great part of his career in the Microsoft partner channel building and supporting companies focused on Dynamics 365 industry solutions. He is an adjunct professor of Customer Experience (CX) and Human Centered Design Thinking at 14 US universities and the founder of DialoguePrime. He lives in Kennesaw, GA.

Technical Level: 100

Presented By: JC Quintana

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